“This is a complicated project on a very small, tight site and the amount of coordination and logistics are astronomical. There has to be an exacting attention to details. For all of us, it has been a growing, life-changing experience. We successfully weathered the economic crisis when others couldn’t and ensured crew safety was our number one priority as we endured some particularly harsh winters that resulted in many lost construction days. But, we never lost our focus. Our focus has always been on delivering an unbelievable experience for our purchasers. It has been extremely rewarding to see everyone’s efforts, including our own, come to life on the corner of Bay and Adelaide, no matter the adversity we have faced. I’m very proud of our collective achievement.”

Val Levitan (CEO at Talon Development) on Trump Toronto.

Conscious Building In A Greener Canada

Construction in present day Canada has had to help shoulder the responsibility of the green movement to be a part of conserving resources, recycling materials and lowering pollution to aid in a better tomorrow for all its citizens. Being green in the construction industry has come quite a distance to what it is presently. In an ever changing world it is important for Canadian design and construction to keep their customers as environmentally conscious as possible to remain competitive in today’s market....Read More

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